Fine jewellery consciously crafted.


Oremme consciously crafts emblems to magnify your essence. And just like you, we are not one thing. We are bold but soft; modern but timeless.

We believe in happy luxuries. Quality over quantity, investment over impulse. With our direct supply relationships and shared commitment to slow production, Oremme delivers the highest standard without the highest price tag.


Oremme is responsibly made in Canada and Italy using precious metals and genuine stones. All diamonds are sourced in compliance with the UN’s Kimberly Process, while gemstones are sourced in accordance with the Responsible Jewellery Council’s standards. Our local Toronto relationships allow us to offer approachable prices that don’t compromise our standards, quality, or values.


Jewellery has signified milestones in my life long before I even knew it. With the birth of every child, my father gifted my mother a token to mark our arrivals. For the first, a pair of lapis lazuli earrings. For the second, a string of pearls. And for me—their last shot at a daughter—a gold Cartier watch with a periwinkle crocodile strap. I remember my mother ogling a unique pair of Georg Jensen earrings, trying desperately to communicate the beauty of the fluid design, which at the time, I didn’t quite grasp. I remember sitting on her bed, picking through every treasure, listening to every tale. Wins, losses, celebrations, and departures—they were all there. The marvel of design is no longer lost on me, and the ritual of marking life’s moments with jewellery is what led me to Oremme.

- Emilie Nolan, founder


From its inception, Oremme has always been committed to responsible production, quality materials, and a mission bigger than just us. We hope that when you look down at this treasure that comes from the soil and shale, it makes you smile. We hope that you hold on to these pieces until there is someone you’d like to pass them down to. Oremme is a proud 1% for the Planet member. 1% of our revenue will always support accredited and intersectional environmental causes to offset the ecological effects of our industry. In addition, Oremme has taken the 15% Pledge and dedicates a minimum of 15% of our marketing budget to Black models, creators and freelancers. It is every decision maker's duty to extend economic opportunities to candidates who are too often passed over and yet always bring immense value.⠀