Gold has infinite lives. Whether it's a chain that has broken, earrings that have lost their match, or a piece you’re ready to release, Oremme will trade your unwanted gold for store credit.

How it works

1. You send your gold scrap to us
2. We weigh and price it
3. We issue credit to you
4. We melt and use the gold


I'm ready to sell my gold, where do I send it?

Please email with the subject "Gold Recycle" so we can provide detailed shipping instructions.

How much is my gold worth?

The price offered for your gold is dependant on its karat and gram weight. Please always check this page for current gold prices before sending your gold in.

10 karat: $15 USD/gram
14 karat: $20 USD/gram
18 karat: $30 USD/gram

I sent my gold in, but I've changed my mind!

Oremme cannot guarantee that your gold will be available for return. Make sure you are absolutely ready to recycle it before sending.

Can I sell my diamonds or gemstones? What if my scrap gold has diamonds or gemstones in it?

Genuine stones, including diamonds, are not currently offered for recycling as the grading and appraisal process is both lengthy and costly. Any stones in your scrap gold will by removed before the gold is weighed. We cannot ship removed stones back to you.

Can I use my scrap gold to make something else?

Absolutely! This would be considered custom project so please contact us first.