Mile Stones: Maggie Sellers

Mile Stones: Maggie Sellers

Maggie is a Canadian Brand and Pop-Culture Gemini currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Passionate about introducing people to the things, sounds and moments that will change their everyday life, Maggie’s dedicated her career to building some of the best pop-culture brands and music artists’ careers. Maggie is an investor/advisor and podcast co-host on “Do We Fit In”, a weekly conversation that empowers listeners to embrace their differences to stand out instead of trying to fit in with co-host Andile Ndlovu and noteworthy special guests. 

What pieces of jewellery carry special meaning for you?

My pearl necklace and my family ring are both very special to me. I received my pearl necklace in my early twenties and my family ring on my 18th birthday. Both were passed down to me by family members so they’re not just beautiful pieces of jewellery, they also tell a story. 

What milestones do these pieces of jewellery symbolize?

My father gave my mother this exact pearl necklace right after I was born. Years later, I found out he decided on a pearl necklace at the time because my real name, Margaret, actually means pearl. Funnily enough, I grew up hating my real name. I thought it made me sound old and boring, so I decided to change my name to Maggie when I was about five. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered the connection between pearl and Margaret and, even though I don’t envision ever going by Margaret, I love that my parents decided on the name because the most valuable pearls occur spontaneously in the wild, and are extremely rare. They knew I wasn’t going to be like everyone else. 

The other piece that means a lot to me is my family ring. We have a tradition when a grandchild turns 18: they are gifted a gold pinky ring with our family crest. At the time, I just thought it was a nice piece of jewellery, but now that I live miles away from my family and have gone months without seeing them in person (thanks to coronavirus), I love that I have a piece of fine jewellery that reminds me of them and the memories we’ve made. 

Are these everyday pieces or ones you pull out on special occasions?

Both used to be exclusively for special occasions but recently, as time passes without an in-person connection to my family, I’ve found myself wearing them more and more. I love that I can dress up or down my pearl necklace. When I feel like being edgy, I stack it with a bunch of new gold chunky pieces and when I feel like being simple and dainty, I wear it alone. My ring is more of a special occasion piece, but more and more I’ve been wearing it amongst my collection of hand rings. I love mixing sentimental pieces with more current ones to keep things interesting and balanced. 


What does fine jewellery mean to you?

Fine jewellery signifies the most important moments and people in my life, whether I buy a piece for myself to congratulate an accomplishment or I’m gifted a piece of fine jewellery from somebody special to me. I think the connection to the piece lives far beyond the actual item. In such a busy and consumer-driven world, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the things in life that really matter.

When I look at the pieces I’ve bought for myself, I’m proud of the goals I’ve accomplished to get me to the place I’m at right now. When I look at the pieces given to me by someone special, I am thankful to be surrounded by the people who make life worth living and I’m grateful for the memories we’ve made together. 

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