Let’s Talk Tennis

Let’s Talk Tennis

When we talk about classic jewellery, there are a couple of pieces that come to mind. Diamond earrings, a well-made watch, or a set of pearls might be the epitome of timelessness for some, but for us, the tennis bracelet takes that title. 

What is a tennis bracelet?

While there are many different versions of this timeless treasure, the classic tennis bracelet is a flexible diamond bracelet. The movement comes from individually set and hinged diamonds, allowing it to snake over the skin. Some variations include multiple rows or different diamond settings but the most popular iterations just have the one. As for the size, tennis bracelets can be made in any carat weight desired. The Aces Tennis Bracelet is available in 2 carats, but custom weights are always available. 

The history of the tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets first became popular in the 1920s when women typically wore them stacked on top of one another as a status symbol. However, back then it was known as an eternity bracelet.

The term “tennis bracelet” only came into play when 18-time Grand Slam Winner and three-time Wimbledon champion Chris Evert hit the courts. Or so the rumours go. The timeline of events isn’t exactly clear when it comes to the sports-inspired moniker. Most people believe the name was adopted after Evert lost her diamond bracelet on the court during a fierce match in 1987 and paused the game to search for it. Could you blame her? However, some argue that the accessory incident took place in 1978, while others insist the term was a reference to Evert’s habit of wearing high-end jewellery on the court rather than a specific event. While the details might be a bit fuzzy, there’s no doubt that Evert was a major inspiration behind the bracelet’s name change. 

Following Evert, who is often heralded as the most stylish woman in tennis, other stars have been spotted sporting the expensive trend, including Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

How to wear your tennis bracelet 

The beauty of a tennis bracelet is that it can complement just about any outfit. For a more understated look, you can wear the bracelet on its own but it can also be worn with your everyday stack to add a pop of sparkle. Really, there’s no wrong way to wear it so you never have to take it off. Our Aces Tennis Bracelet comes in yellow gold and white gold to suit your personal style and features an ultra-secure clasp so you can wear it every day (even while playing tennis) without running into a Chris-like conundrum. 

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