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COVID-19 caused a world-at-large shift across much of the fashion industry, this we know; however, positive change has transpired for many direct-to-consumer jewelry brands. With business models built to thrive in a digitally focused market, the people behind some of the buzziest baubles were at an advantage, despite the unavoidable upheaval at the pandemic’s onset. Many are now successfully riding the new-normal wave, innovating and inspiring along the way, from reworking supply chains to designing unique virtual shopping experiences for customers. With change as an inevitable constant, it’s encouraging to witness transformation in a business seemingly rooted in frivolity, especially through the coronavirus haze.

From just-launched labels to well-known names, ahead, discover how 13 jewelry brands initially responded to COVID-19 and are now focusing their efforts on new shopping models, their sustainable impact, charitable initiatives, diversification, and more—all while delivering on a sought-after product that might be the perfect pick-me-up you need and deserve.

Emilie Nolan launched her direct-to-consumer brand, Oremme, in August 2019, but by January she realized the road to trademark would be highly contested, leading to a rebrand. “Unfortunately, the unveiling of what is now Oremme was slated for March 2020. It felt incredibly crude to be launching a brand in the midst of a global crisis,” Nolan tells Coveteur. “I tried my best to humbly announce the business decision while also highlighting that indie brands would not make it through the pandemic without our audience’s support.”

Rather than focus on trunk shows, which would typically be a large part of Oremme’s growth strategy, Nolan is working to build a virtual community and going bigger with advertising, public relations, and partnerships. Furthermore, because her business model allows her to keep prices fair, she’s banking on transparency in terms of future growth. “With the shift of women buying jewelry for themselves, there’s been a secondary movement toward purchasing at a higher frequency, which Oremme offers an alternative opinion to,” she says. “Fine jewelry has the power to carry memory and meaning within it and should be purchased with care and consideration. As we look forward past COVID, I’m hoping buying behavior will move in this direction.”

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