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Of all the accessories we love and cherish, jewelry can be one of the most sentimental. The best sustainable jewelry brands get that—but they also get that quality and beautiful design can go hand in hand with doing right by the planet. 

We're all thinking harder and longer these days about how to protect our planet and where to shop—and buying pieces that have longevity, like jewelry, is a great place to start if you want to feel good about an upcoming gift or a treat-yourself purchase. Crucial for that feel-good factor: shopping from brands that not only advertise ethical values but actually build their businesses around them. 

Ethical fashion can look like different things to different people, so we rounded up 13 of our favorite sustainable and ethical jewelry brands right now. From upholding traditional craftsmanship to responsibly sourcing materials and committing to give-back initiatives that truly make an impact, each one of these brands is doing the work and creating tiny heirlooms that'll outlast any fast-fashion purchase. Whether for yourself or a loved one, shop 13 of the best sustainable jewelry brands, below. 


The idea behind Oremme came to founder Emilie Nolan through the ritual of “marking life’s moments with jewelry.” As a demi-fine brand, Oremme has responsible production baked into its mission—whether that's by using certified conflict-free diamonds, homing in on small-batch production in Italy and Canada, or giving back to its community (like taking the 15 Percent Pledge and being a member of the 1% for the Planet Organization). From its Dew Drops or Bud Stud earrings, consider these modern heirlooms that you'll want to pass down.

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