Behind the Birthstone: November

November babies are lucky because they have two beautiful birthstones to choose from. The first, and probably more popular one, is topaz and the second is citrine. If you’ve eyed our Gemmie and Semi Stackers, you might think the two look nothing alike. But, in its natural state, the well-known bright blue gemstone is usually more of a golden brown, similar to citrine. In fact, they’re sometimes confused for one another. 


Citrine’s name most likely stems from the French word for—you guessed it—citron because of its sometimes lemon-like appearance. But don’t let the name fool you, this gemstone often has more of a rich caramel tone that pairs perfectly with gold. 

Topaz, on the other hand, most likely comes from Topazios, the Greek name of an island in the Red Sea which some people believe to be the birthplace of the gem. The other explanation for the name traces back to the Sanskrit term for “fire,” which could have been a reference to its fiery hue (remember: topaz can be found in a wide range of warm tones) or the fact that ancient legends said topaz could be used to control heat. 

Meaning and symbolism 

If you’re a big believer in crystals, you’re probably dying to know what good vibes these gemstones bring. Citrine promotes positivity and living in the present. The yellow colour is said to symbolize a gift from the sun and is thought to spark imagination and encourage prosperity. Citrine is also called the Merchant’s Stone because it’s often associated with prosperity and success. A good luck charm, if you will.

Topaz also carries good vibes but is believed to have slightly different capabilities. It has calming and healing powers that promote happiness, passion, and purpose. Similar to citrine, topaz is associated with wealth and success. Often affiliated with confidence, authority, and trust, a piece of topaz jewellery serves as the perfect accessory for your next job interview, meeting, or important event.

Wear and care

Whether you believe in the power of citrine and topaz or not, there’s no denying their timelessness and versatility. There’s a reason they’ve been used to make jewellery for centuries. 

Citrine ranks a seven on the Mohs scale and topaz is an eight, which means they’re not quite as durable as diamonds. If you choose to sport these sunny stones on your finger with any of our pieces, you can go about your daily to-dos without worrying too much. However, if you’re doing any work with your hands, you’ll want to remove your ring to keep the stones from scratching.